About Us

Kanda is a fast paced agency that is passionate about regeneration and place-making. We use our breadth and depth of experience to work intelligently and imaginatively to get the best results for developers, decision makers and communities. Our approach creates conditions for constructive dialogue that aims to resolve conflict and deliver development that is financially viable and socially valuable.

We work with developers, local authorities, housing associations and charities to provide an integrated range of services in the spheres of politics, policy and consultation. We provide strategic advice and political counsel, deliver community engagement strategies, develop innovative consultation content as well as undertake social value assessments and shape regeneration programmes. Our team is the best in class and has extensive experience of working on some of the most challenging, exciting and complex projects in London and the UK.

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Our Values

Through understanding local concerns and aspirations and delivering benefits through development we aim to build the relationships that will ensure long-term successful outcomes.

Transparency | We believe the best approach is to be honest and transparent with our clients, communities and decision-makers to achieve the best outcome for all.

Collaboration | We believe the breadth of experience and skills in our team makes us unique. Although we all come from different backgrounds we share a common love of creating great places and working with great people to do so.

Generosity | We believe in collaboration not conflict and we also think listening is one of the most important skills. If we can involve people in shaping places, then we have a greater chance of making them successful and rooted in local knowledge.

Passion | Finally, we are all excited by what we do, and we believe good development can transform lives.

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The Team

Our talented team has a unique blend of skills, providing a wealth of experience in political decision making, planning policy, community engagement, urban design, regeneration, social and economic development and visual communications.

We use our skills to provide detailed, granular intelligence about the context in which you’re operating and how to navigate it to get the outcome you need - and one that works on the ground. Our rounded approach means that clients will benefit from decades of experience of working with developers and landowners on some of the best developments in the UK.