Our Services

Kanda offers four core areas of services to support regeneration, planning and place-making. All of our services are underpinned by an intelligence-led approach to research, monitoring and local knowledge.

& Corporate

& Social Impact

& Engagement
For Planning

Digital & Visual
& Analytics

Strategic &
Corporate Communications

Communication strategies that navigate national and local politics, corporate stakeholder audiences and public policy.

Our strategies are informed by an in-depth understanding of local and political contexts. We provide monitoring across all tiers of London and local government, as well as area-based perception audits and detailed stakeholder analysis. We go the extra mile to ensure the briefings we provide represent a unique insight into the ever-changing political and community dynamics that face the development industry.

  • Political insight and engagement
  • Site appraisals
  • Strategy development
  • Policy advice
  • Perception audits and research
  • Corporate affairs programmes
  • Media and event management
  • Crisis communications

Regeneration, Place-shaping
& Social Impact

Advice on developing and implementing regeneration strategies that ensure that change is delivered in a structured and positive way.

We believe in making regeneration and development worthwhile. Genuinely understanding the long-term impact development has on communities is key to ensuring that regeneration leaves a lasting and positive legacy. We work with our clients to assess the social impact of development, ensuring that social, economic and political dynamics are considered.

  • Regeneration strategies
  • Social impact assessments
  • Community placemaking strategies
  • Community investment plans and community funds
  • Advice on estate renewal engagement and tenant decant programmes
  • Industry benchmarking and policy advice

Consultation &
Engagement for Planning

Creative consultation and engagement strategies tailored to the needs of the clients and the communities we work with.

Whatever the scale of development, we work closely with the community to ensure that the proposals we help to deliver the views and ambitions of local people. We work hard to ensure people are positively engaged and receive the information they need.

  • Consultation and communication strategies
  • Stakeholder and political engagement
  • Public events
  • Research, data collection and analysis
  • Statements of Community Involvement
  • Media and activity monitoring
  • Post-planning communications

Digital & Visual
Communications & Analytics

Online, digital and virtual engagement tools produced with an in-depth understanding of the audiences we work with.

We understand that our communication materials need to be responsive to the people we are working with, the area and the culture of a place. Our focus is to make information as clear, understandable and engaging as possible.

We mix up tried and tested methods of engagement with the more cutting-edge ways of presenting and communicating ideas, such as virtual reality and screen-based media. Space, scale and quality are all things that need to be experienced and not just talked about. Our team uses spatial design, stage and digital skills to find a creative solution to involving people in the place-shaping process.

  • Visual communications and printed media
  • Virtual reality and digital engagement
  • Online mapping and feedback tools
  • Exhibition and spatial design
  • Website design